Hyundai Motor Group Supports G20 Summit with Fleet of Genesis Electrified G80 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 EVs

Hyundai Motor Group Supports G20 Summit with Fleet of Genesis Electrified G80 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 EVs

  • The Group to support Indonesia’s ‘Sustainable Energy Transition’ initiative with a fleet of 393 EVs for upcoming G20 Presidency Summit in Bali, Nov. 15-16
  • The Group to hold an EV handover ceremony with Indonesian government and unveiled Genesis Electrified G80 for the first time to the Southeast Asia market
  • Fleet to include Electrified G80 Special Editions with G20 logo that were exclusively produced for the event and IONIQ 5 EVs made at Hyundai’s new factory in Indonesia
  • To ensure safety and reliability, the Group conduct training for 520 Presidential Security Forces and will provide a Before Service Booth during the summit

Jakarta, Indonesia, Oct. 25 2022 – Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) today showed its support for the Indonesian government’s ‘Sustainable Energy Transition’ initiative by providing electric vehicles (EVs) for use at the upcoming 2022 G20 Presidency Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali, Nov. 15-16.

The Group delivered the Genesis Electrified G80 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 at handover ceremony at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex in Jakarta. At this event, Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific HQ, Young Tack Lee, symbolically handed over miniatures of the G80 and IONIQ 5 key to the Minister of State Secretary of Indonesia, Pratikno. This marks the first appearance of the Genesis Electrified G80 in the Southeast Asia market, which will provide attending government officials the opportunity to test drive the model.

One of the priority issues in G20 is the Sustainable Energy Transition, where the focus is on energy security, access, efficiency and the transition to lower carbon energy systems, including investment and innovation in cleaner and more efficient technologies.

“Hyundai Motor strive to create products with technologies to build solutions for a sustainable future. In line with Indonesian government priority, we are eager to contribute to realizing the vision of the Indonesian government to accelerate the Sustainable Energy Transition.” said Young Tack Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific HQ. “Therefore, we provide our electric vehicles to support the G20 Presidency event.”

Hyundai Motor Group’s contribution of EVs is also aligned with the G20 theme ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’. As a relatively new industry, EVs require a new manufacturing process, which would likely add new job opportunities for the Indonesian economy that was hit during the pandemic.

The Group will provide a total of 393 EVs for the summit, including 44 units of the Electrified G80 Special Edition with a long wheelbase and G20 logo on the pillar that was produced in Korea exclusively for the G20 event as well as 87 Electrified G80 regular models with a standard wheelbase and 262 units of IONIQ 5 produced locally by Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI). The Electrified G80 Special Edition will be used as VIP vehicles, while the Genesis Electrified G80 Regular Model and IONIQ 5 will be used for protocol, security and rescue vehicles.

Prior to the summit, Hyundai Motor has conducted vehicle homologation and quality control procedures. To ensure safety and reliability, the company also conducted training for 520 Presidential Security Forces at Hyundai Training Academy in Cikarang, West Java on how to use EVs and practice emergency response. During the G20 event, Hyundai will also provide a Before Service Booth equipped with technicians, mobile service crew, mobile charging crew and emergency response, located at Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) in Nusa Dua, Bali.  

EVs are an emerging solution to maintain environmental sustainability and public health by means of mitigating the emissions in the atmosphere. Using renewable energy sources can make the use of electric vehicles more eco-friendly. For business and industries, transitioning to EVs can help reduce the total cost of ownership of fleets, transportation networks and public transport fleets. By reducing fuel costs and taking advantage of government incentives and tax benefits, organizations can see significant savings. Thus, through Hyundai Motor contribution for the G20 can spark a much-needed conversation on the regulatory decision-making level, to prioritize the development of the EV ecosystem and to catalyze the EV industry as the implementation of a sustainable energy transition.